Orion's Ear Surgery Update
February 2006

Orion had a laser method surgery on Orion's ears in May 2005 and it didn't work. So, I don't recommend that one. The laser is done by burning circles inside the ear flap with the hope that it creates scar tissue and thickens the skin making it stand up. The first time I did it, Orion's ears just had dark little circular markings in his ears. So, I didn't think it was that bad. The vet told me most of the time it has to be done twice.

The second time was a nightmare. He must have used the laser longer because Orion actually had scabs inside his ears and they looked like he was hurting. I was horrified! I cried thinking I had done that to my poor boy, just because I wanted his ears to stand. Never again!

I was told by someone else who used inserts in her dog's ears that it was a very bloody procedure. So, please ask lots of questions of the vet. What to expect, what it will look like. How will the dog feel. What's the rate of infection, how long for them to heal, etc.



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