Introducting Kuma
February 2007

Well....I was waiting to tell this story when I introduced the puppy's name....but since I don't have one yet, here it goes.

I've posted how well Orion has taken to the new puppy. He wants to play with the puppy, but Orion is so big, I have to keep reminding him to be EASY! LOL The puppy has a toy with two handles and Orion will grab one and the puppy will grab the other handle. Then, Orion wants to run...but the puppy won't let go...I thought he was going to go airborne. But, no, Orion has only gone fast enough to drag him....and the puppy STILL won't let go. Oh boy! LOL

The puppy doesn't want to be in his crate and screams, barks, whines and howls when I put him in it, which is whenever I have to do something and can't watch him.

The other day, I fed him dinner and put him in his crate so I could clean up....the puppy went into his whine, cry, howl mode.

Orion did something amazing to me. The puppy's crate is next to Orion's. Orion got in his crate and laid down until the puppy fell asleep. Then, he got up and left! I couldn't believe he did that! It was totally amazing to me! What a great big brother he is!

By the way, this puppy is one smart dog! Orion loves to be chased. So, he'll take a toy and take off running. He'll go counter clock wise around our table....and I thought the pup would just follow. NOPE! The pup went clock wise and met him head on! He has done it a couple of times. I just couldn't believe he'd figure it out at such a young age! LOL

This will get very interesting in a few months! LOL



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