Orion Herding
November 16, 2003

Today, Sharon and I met at Keepstone for herding lessons. Boy, did I miss you guys! It just wasn't the same without you!

Sharon brought Rosalee and Carina for lessons, and I of course, had Orion. Susan and I worked on Orion's sitting (which he refused to do, even after Susan took over. It took him about 5 minutes, literally, to sit for her!) We herded a little, we made him sit, we herded a little, we made him sit. It took my actually putting him into a sit to do it. He is one stubborn dog! Amazingly, he sits on first command at home! When he finally started sitting for her, he actually started laying down. So, on our second turn into the ring, we started asking him to lie down. It took him a while, but he finally started doing that, at least it was better than the sit. At one point, he sat, and Susan said she'd take that. We don't go for classes again until Dec. 13. Susan is busy some weekends, and I the others. Rats! That's a long time! I felt we made some progress today, I hope we don't loose it!

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