Orion at 3 Months

Today, I was supposed to have a cook out for the family. Because of the predicted rain, we had to cancel it. Then, typical area weather, it didn't rain! So, not wanting to waste the day, I took Orion on a field trip!

There's an island on the Potomac River, between Virginia and Washington DC, that's been turned into a park called, what else? Potomac Park. The southern point is called Hain's Point, it has a really neat sculpture called The Awakening. This sculpture is awesome! It's a man's head, parts of his arms, and legs, sticking up out of the ground. It's huge! And it just makes it appear as if this giant man is waking up, big yawn (looks like he's screaming to me), and coming out of the ground! And that's where I decided to take Orion today. Not because of the sculpture, he couldn't care less. But, because, on the DC side, across the river, is a marina full of boats and yachts. On the Virginia
side, across the river, is Reagan National Airport. I wanted Orion to see the river, the boats and the airplanes. He wasn't impressed by any of them.

I packed the car, had his crate, small water bucket, pad so he wouldn't slip in his crate, toys, treats, extra water, cleaning supplies such as paper towels, trash bags and cleaning spray, pooper scooper bags, camera, wait... what am I forgetting? Oh yeah, Orion! And you guys won't believe who decided to accompany us today! THE HUSBAND! The man who said he's not interested in doggy trips, or any doggy related activities! He CAME! He played it cool, said he didn't have anything better to do <GRIN> So, we get there, unload Orion, have the keys, the pooper scooper bag, the treats and set off. Forgot the camera! Mentioned it to hubby, hoping he'd volunteer to go get it. No chance. So, sorry folks, no pictures.

As soon as we arrived, this little kid comes running towards Orion, then he changed his mind, and turned away from him, asking if Orion bites (well, really, does he?). Well, Orion thought it was a game, and he wanted to chase the kid. So, I had to call him over, explain never to run away from a dog, yadda, yadda, yadda. The kid ended up giving Orion a treat, and then his friends mobbed us. So, I was teaching them all how to say hi to a puppy, not to reach over his head, because it makes him nervous, how to hand him a treat, and not get bit, etc. Orion did great, bunch of little kids petting him, and reaching for him. Several adults and other kids stopped and petted him too. So, from that moment on, anybody he saw, he wanted to go say hi to. Some weren't interested (OK, I can't be responsible for the fools out there). We walked around the sculpture, went to the Virginia side, Orion saw a speed boat go by, didn't care, a plane took off, didn't care. Then, about 6 motorcycles came rumbling by. Orion was trying to decide which stick he wanted to pick up, out of a bunch. He looked up, looked at what was causing all the noise, and went back to making his selection. No biggy.

There were two ladies there, walking with a dog, a pointer/hunter breed, female. Orion wanted to say hi, so I asked if their dog was friendly, and they said yes. Well, Orion is almost as tall as the female, but much bigger boned. He starts hopping around, trying to reach over her with a big paw, and them poor little lady just decided it was too much for her, and she started backing away. I told Orion to play nice, and easy, and make friends, Orion starts his play growl-bark that he does with my dogs. The little female decided no way, I'm not playing with that big guy. She just didn't want anything to do with Orion. So, I had to hold him by the chest, and try to get his attention away
from the other dog with a treat. I told the ladies that's the way he plays with my two other dogs, and that I was sorry he scared their dog. They were fine, just surprised their dog didn't want to play. This is the second time he's scared another dog. I guess he's just too enthusiastic for his own good. I need to find him bigger dogs to play with.

We walked around some more, he was very comfortable with the crowd, the open space, and everything else he saw. And I was very happy. So, we headed home, took a wrong turn, and ended up in Arlington. I hate driving in DC! We did make it home OK. Oh, by the way, on our way into town, we drove by the Pentagon. There are state troopers all over the place, trucks are not allowed to drive by. The army has a post by the roadside, with some very serious looking fire arms. It's hard to remember we're in code orange, when we live in the suburbs. But, they're not taking any chances around the DC area!



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